Every seven years the seven kingdoms send their best and brightest young people to be their delegates at the Vail Isle Summit. A tradition where seven weeks are spent together to form friendships, alliances and marriages. This year, however, things are different. Since the Great Peace, never have alliances been so close to collapse, the seven nations on the razor’s edge of war. What happens at this summit could very well determine the fate of the known world.

You are one of the delegates.

In this world of politics, intrigue and danger will you find love? Make friends? Alliances? Or will you fail and be forced to watch as the world once again crumbles into destruction and despair?

It is your story and it is not yet written.

This game was conceived from a conversation about how disappointed we were that most games these days see challenge as synonymous as combat and only fighting. (With the occasional puzzle) There’s a lot of different ways to make a game challenging!

So Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (the very odd child of a Bioware Style Game (especially Dragon Age: Origins,) and an otome game) was born.


Detailed Character Creation

            Develop your character from infancy to being selected for the delegation. Your story choices influence your starting skills and personality.

Six Unique Backgrounds

            Depending on your character creation choices and skills, unlock one of six unique backgrounds. (With three special backgrounds yet to be added.) Your skills, your history, your nation, how people react to you, even your motivation and personal story, all change depending on the background you choose.

Over 30 Skills!

            Are you a courageous tomboy who’s terrible in etiquette but has a strong natural charisma and leadership skills? Are you a conniving politician whose cunning and manipulation can bend people to her will even as she’s graceless and clumsy? Are you a brilliant scholar with a great grasp on history with the charm and beauty of a toad? With over thirty skills, your character will have unique strengths and flaws that have an impact on how people react to you, perceive you and how you manage to face the challenges of the summit.

Your personality is unique!

            Your choices influence your character’s personality. Your character will have different reactions and dialogue based on different personality traits.

Intrigue, Secrets and Danger

            With this many important people in one castle, you can bet there’s even more going on underneath the surface. Explore the castle and interact with your fellows to uncover conspiracies, secrets and clandestine relationships. Just hope you will be able to survive everything you find.

Build complex relationships

            Make your fellows your friends, your rivals, have them hold in you in romantic affection, in high respect, or all four! Your interactions and stats will lead you to complicated, four dimensional relationships with your fellow delegates.

Be careful what you say

            All of your choices matter, but especially what you say. Choose your dialogue with care, what you say can make a world of difference and might even end up getting you killed. Of course, not every character will have the same attributes and skills to say or do the same things. Experiment and see if you can find all the options.

Love is in the air?

            One of the major goals of the delegation is to form marriage alliances, but no one said those have to be made only on cold political concerns. With ten romanceable characters (plus two hidden options,) you can marry for love. Or love without marrying. Or marry without love.

Manage your time

            You might think that seven weeks is a long time, but not when there’s so much in the world of Seven Kingdoms to do! Develop your skills, attend events, accept invitations, explore the castle, hunt for secrets, spend time with your fellow delegates and go on dates. But choose carefully, you aren’t going to have time to do everything you want!

Become a skilled hostess

            Use your money and skills to host weekly events. Plan the events and send out invites. How the events go and who accepts your invitations depend on your talents and relationships. But pull off a successful event and see a huge boost to your reputation and relationships.