Player Character

All roads end up with you as one of the attendees at the Vail Isle Summit, but the choices you make to define your history and character change who you can be when you grow up …


The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate

 One of the representatives from the island nation of Hise, your mother is the infamous pirate Blackthorn, who disappeared when you were still young. People from Hise tend to be more blunt and egalitarian than the other nations and your experiences have made you the same. Your father is a proper lord from Wellin who was kidnapped by your mother. His proper nature has so far kept you from captaining your mother’s ship on a more permanent basis. It is to balance your own restless nature and your father’s worries that you agreed to compete for own of your nations delegation spots.

A Court Lady

As your mother is one of the favorites of the Empress, you have spent most of your life in the inner court of Corval. Such position means you have rose to prominence and have the favor of the Empress and Emperor, but in the thorn political intrigue of Court that has made your life more dangerous than ever. You were selected to join the delegation as you are considered high ranking and talented enough to reflect well on the Imperial family, but disposable enough that whatever your fate is an acceptable loss. Your actions at the Summit are sure to have consequences on your family and friends back home, so you really better do your best. 

A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent

 An intelligent and studious minor lady from a family of scholars, you never intended to represent Jiyel at the summit at all. Usually candidates are selected from the top scorers on a nationwide test and are given special classes and training for years. Your presence is an unhappy happenstance. Your cousin was selected as one of the attendees, but soon before she and the others were set to sail, she got married, leaving an empty spot, that you, as her relative, were picked last minute to fill. Really, the whole thing is quite illogical.

An Ambitious Widow

 You have come a long way from where you were have started. Born into a large family of indebted and destitute nobles, you managed to save yourself (and your family,) by marrying a wealthy older man. Very conveniently, he died and left you his fortune not long into your marriage. You could be satisfied with the comfortable life you are now guaranteed, but your ambition doesn’t stop there. You went to the Revaire Court and quickly earned prominence, enough that when candidates were being chosen for the Summit your name came up. Now you have the chance to become something even greater than even you dreamed, maybe even a queen.

A Tomboy Countess

 You spent most of your childhood happily running around in puddles, getting dirty and dueling whoever you found annoying with sticks. You would have spent your life like that forever, if your father didn’t die, leaving you the title of Countess and all the lands and responsibilities that came with it. Being one of the very few female nobles with titles in their own right in Wellin, you then spent a long time avoiding the annoying advances of second and third sons. You hated the social dances required to be polite and diplomatic, you never would have agreed to be a delegate, except several bad years has left your people hungry and desperate. You accepted relief from the crown in exchange for being one of the delegates.

A Sheltered Princess

The Princesses of Arland are raised with a single duty in mind: to marry well for the sake of the country. You have been carefully and deliberately raised with this goal in mind, training on things like etiquette and dancing, with little to no interaction with the outside world. Now, for the first time since you can remember, you are own your own as you are forced to navigate the world outside of your palace as a delegate for Arland. The pressure is on to make a good match and do your country proud, like your sister has famously done before you. 

More Than You Appear

Perhaps, if certain conditions are met, you might be something else, something more than you appear, with goals quite different than your background might first hint at.