Map of the Seven Kingdoms

One hundred years ago the seven kingdoms were on the verge of destruction. Centuries of constant warfare, bitter feuds, horrifying tragedies and endless misunderstandings had taken their toll. With no end in sight, it seemed there was no way off the path of mutual destruction. In the era of conflict, it seemed things like social niceties and diplomacy had no place and even less value. That the greatest legacy of the Kingdoms was doomed to be nothing more than blood, death and aching loss.

In this world was born one very determined princess. Princess Katyia of Revaire dedicated her life to building and keeping a peace between the seven nations. She established what would later be called ‘The Great Peace’ through what would become a tradition: a diplomatic summit on the neutral and mysterious Vail Isle, with the help of the natives.

Every seven years, seven representatives from seven kingdoms came for seven weeks, resulting in seven weddings. This is how peace has been kept so far, but a hundred years is a long time. Time to dull memories of the cost of war and the sacrifices for peace. Katyia is no longer alive to steward the plan she created and the balance of peace has become a thin razor’s edge. The kingdoms have never been closer to resuming the all-encompassing conflict that nearly destroyed them all.


Among the other Kingdoms, Arland is famous for two things. First, for being the most tradition bound and rigid country, and second, for marrying off their daughters. Arland Princesses have consistently married into every other royal house throughout history. Even before the start of the Seven Year Summit all those years ago.


Corval. The land of spices, trading, and most of all secrets. No one is sure what goes on in the infamous Corval Court, but everyone agrees whatever it is, it must be interesting. Under the rule of the Emperor, Corval is famous for internal political intrigue and grand affairs, but little of their internal affairs reach the outside world as more than the barest of rumors. Corval trades with all the Kingdoms, but their secrets, their truths, those they keep firmly to themselves. Corval is the richest kingdom and very powerful.


The island of pirates. That’s what most people call the Kingdom of Hise behind their backs. And occasionally, the very brave, to their faces. The small island nation houses a seemingly endless number of ships, and brave, and ethically questionable, people to sail them. In Hise all people are declared equal and judged merely on their skill.


Jiyel is the land of scholars and innovation. Despite it’s small size, Jiyel is formidable. Generations of the Kingdoms greatest scholars, inventors, philosophers, doctors, strategists and thinkers have come from, or studied in Jiyel. Nowhere is intelligence prized as much as in Jiyel. The king’s major advisors and ministers are all selected based on their performance on the National Scholars exams and later training.


Revaire was once a land of great conquerors, an advanced warlike people that built an empire. Later, against all odds, it birthed the great peace. Now, it little resembles either. Twenty years ago, a bloody coup, changed the face of Revaire. A new royal family was instated, the old, and all its supporters, the last of Princess Katyia’s line, were killed. Revaire has yet to recover and internal affairs have been taking precedence over international.


Skalt hosts a warlike matriarchy, where the women were the queens and warriors, and the men stayed home to raise the children, mend the crops, and pay worship to their strange gods. To other nations, Skalt and those from it seem barbaric and strange, which is not helped by their unusual take on etiquette, manners and diplomacy.


Of all the countries, Wellin is famous for being the most moderate. They are not the most conservative, like Arland, or the most liberal, like Hise. They have strong traditions and even stronger religious faith, but they adapt well and are excellent negotiators. With everyone, that is, but for Skalt. Their neighbors. Their philosophical and religious differences are too great. Things have been tense on that border for years now.


Before Katyia found the small Isle while looking for neutral ground for a gathering of the young people of all the nations, somehow, despite being in the center of the other nations, no one really knew about the Isle. Both the natives and the isle itself are rather mysterious and it’s said that anyone with bad intentions won’t be able to find the Isle through the protective mists surrounding it.