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Both the world of Seven Kingdoms and the Summit itself is populated by a large number of unique and interesting characters, very few of which are whom they first appear to be. Will you be able to gain their trust and confidence? Learn their secrets? Fall in love? Or turn them into your bitter rivals?

(More details will emerge as characters are unveiled. Keep an eye on to meet all our characters!)

Isle Staff



???, Isle Native

This intense and handsome island native has been assigned as your personal butler during your stay on the Isle. It will be his job to assist and help you. He claims to have no other goals, but can that really be true?



18, Non-Native

This cheerful and friendly red-head is one of the two lady’s maids you have been assigned for your stay during the Isle.



22, Non-Native

This intelligent dark beauty is one of the two lady’s maids you have been assigned for your stay during the Isle.

Master Jorges

56, Non-Native

Stiff, tradition bound and formal, Master Jorges is the Head Butler at the Isle.

Mrs. White


47, Non-Native

Competent and efficient, this taciturn woman is the Head of Staff at the Isle.

The Matchmaker


???, Isle Native

This mysterious older woman is infamous for making delegates cry, she lives on the Isle and assists in forming matches during the summit.



Grand Duke Woodly

37, Wellin

The striking and imposing Grand Duke of Wellin serves as one of the four Chaperones. You aren’t certain what he is up to, but you are certain it is something.

Princess Jaslen


39, Corval

This age-defying beauty from Corval serves as one of the four Chaperones. She seems more interested in gossip and fashion than diplomacy, however

General Falon


42, Jiyel

The uncompromising general of Jiyel serves as one of the four Chaperones. You have a feeling that anyone faced with his potential wrath would be too intimidated to ill-behave.

Dowager Countess Yvette


65, Arland

The elderly and infirm Dowager Countess of Arland serves as one of the four Chaperones. Despite appearances, she seems intelligent and capable



Princess Anaele


19, Skalt

The second daughter of the Queen of Skalt is a famed warrior, seen by many as her mother’s most likely heir. She is blunt and open, making her perhaps unsuited to such events as the Summit.

Crown Prince Lisle


23, Wellin

The perfect prince has it all: looks, talent, respect and most of all, a very bright future. Still, no one really knows what’s going on inside his head, since he is a very private, serious sort of person.

Princess Penelope


20, Wellin

Prince Lisle’s handsome younger sister is famed for being sweet and good-natured. This doesn’t help your feeling that the sheltered girl is doomed to be out of her depths in the rough waters of the Summit.

‘Prince’ Hamin


24, Hise

The roguish Captain of the ship Blackwater is the sun of Hise’s current leader. Although there is no direct inheritance in Hise, by all accounts he is already on the path to surpass his father. He is impulsive, adventurous and irreverent and most importantly, an excellent captain and leader.

Princess Cordelia


22, Hise

The pretty Princess of Hise and cousin to Hamin doesn’t match the rest of her Hise relatives. She is proper, prim and elegant. It seems obvious she has come to the Summit in search of a better life.

Prince Zarad


23, Corval

The handsome third prince of Corval is an irredeemable flirt with a reputation as caring for nothing more than fine jewels, pretty girls and aimless pleasures. Whether that can possibly be true is yet to be seen.

Lord Blain


26, Corval

The bitter young lord of Corval is both possessive and tactless, leading you to wonder if he was sent to the summit in hopes he would anger someone enough that his enemies at home wouldn’t have to kill him themselves.

Duke Lyon


25, Jiyel

The tall, handsome Duke is famous for being brilliant, and completely socially indifferent. He took the top score on the test for Jiyel Delegates, but he seems entirely displeased about actually being at the Summit.

Lady Avalie


21, Jiyel

Lady Avalie is devastatingly beautiful and extremely intelligent. However, you get the feeling there is far more going on underneath the surface than what she chooses to reveal.

Earl Emmett


19, Arland

The young earl of Arland spent most of his youth traveling and being fostered around different kingdoms. Following the recent death of his father, he has returned to Arland (and is attending the Summit) to finally take up his duties. He seems a friendly, good sport, with no particular ambitions.

Crown Prince Jarrod


19, Revaire

Intense and handsome, Prince Jarrod is the heir to the throne of Revaire. Still, the rumors that surrond both him and his family are dark, especially in the wake of the blood coup that put his family in power twenty years ago.

Princess Gisette


22, Revaire

The princess of Revaire She has all the beauty of a masterwork sculpture, and all the warmth of the same. It would be foolish to underestimate her simply because of her ethereal looks. She is as potentially dangerous or useful as her brother.

Lord Clarmont


24, Revaire

The handsome young lord seems different than the rest of his Revaire counterparts. Charming and considerate, occasionally he seems to hidden bite. Still, he must have some favor with the current court, or he wouldn’t be here. It should be interesting to see his true objective at the Summit.