Thanks to the awesome zelcher from tumbrl, we now have a masterlist that is an organized guide with links to the various things about the game you can find on tumbrl! Lots more answers to questions, links to guides, and impressions and pretty much all the things you can find on tumbrl about the game!

Q. Is this going to be a commercial game?

A.  As much as I would love to release this game for free (and I totally would love to) in order to make making more games viable (and we totally want to do that, too) it will be a commercial release. No final price has been decided but we are thinking between 10-20 USD so hopefully not too much saving required!

Q. When is the game going to be released?

A. We are aiming to release the end of this year. *fingers crossed*

Q. Is this game going to be available globally?

A: We are certainly going to try our best! (More detailed answer here: http://azalynestudios.tumblr.com/post/106626721961/hi-well-i-wanted-to-say-that-your-game-is-one-of)

Q. Is there anyway to please the matchmaker in the first week?

A. No. The Matchmaker hates everyone different, but equal. (It’s part of the story justification behind needing to raise your stats. Also just part of the story.) You will have a chance at a rematch and can attempt to change her mind during week three.

Q. I don’t know if this has been asked but are any of the female characters romanceable?