The Full Demo is now released!

MediaFire / Dropbox / IndieDB

In the full demo you will find:

  • The first three weeks of the game
  • Over 160,000 words of content
  • Six unique backgrounds
  • The ability to start 12 unique romances
  • Meet and befriend over 22 characters
  • 77 possible achievements
  • Fanart Gallery
  • 11 unlockable short scenes in POV of the romanceables

While this is the full demo, it still contains many features that are not final. We anticipate the following might change before the final game:

  • Backgrounds
  • GUI
  • The Journal
  • CGs (or rather the lack of them)

Loading saves from earlier versions of the demo may cause bugs. New games are recommended. (If you want to load old saves, try and load a save earlier than the end of any of the previous demos.)

Thank you and enjoy playing!


(Warning, The Demo is currently around 350MB to download)


-How people feel about you will have many different consequences. Remember, first impressions are important!

-Not getting any invitations? Is everyone refusing yours? How much people like you has a big effect on your schedule

-There are lots of things that can only be found by exploring the castle. There are new things to find every week~

-Your time is limited, so pick what you do carefully

-Different skills will have different effects throughout the game

-Remember your background choice will change many interactions and your personal story

-High manipulation and insight skills will end up showing you a very different story

-Not all your characters will be good liars! Remember your skills and who you are trying to fool before attempting to lie

-Your personality and ethics can have unexpected consequences. Not everyone is willing to get involved with certain types of people.

-Failing important skill checks? Keep what you are failing at in mind for future playthroughs!

-Not unlocking the background you want? Try different choices while determining your early history.

-Struggling to unlock all the achievements? Some events have multiple achievements for different outcomes.

-It won’t be possible for a character to do well at everything! Just make sure you manage to pass important challenges to keep playing the game!

We would love to hear from you!

For typo/technical concerns-issues/error and bug reports, please post in our lemmasoft demo thread or email us at azalynestudios (at) or use the contact form below.

Stuck? Have something to say about the story or characters? Want to tell us what you want to see more of? Post in our game thread at lemmasoft forums or join the conversation on Tumblr with the hashtag #7kpp