“Story time- when i first played your full demo, i had just made some pizza to enjoy while playing. It was hot, so i decided to create my character first. Next thing i know, it’s 3am, my pizza is cold and i’m crying over a bunch of fictional characters because FEELS.”

“7kpp gave me severe fangirlitis, which is steadily getting worse- it started as headcanons and ideas for fanfics and fanart and evolved into full-blown daydreaming with occasional squealing and flailing about. Some of my responsibilities have been neglected and yet I REGRET NOTHING. (Zarad, Ana and Emmet set very high bars for any potential IRL romantic partners tho, so i may die a virgin)”

“I’m just obsessed with this game. It’s amazing in every way. The best part is how we are allowed to create our characters so freely.”

“I encourage everyone to give this demo a try. The story line is great and the game is very well done with an absolute boatload of variables. In challenging mode it is really difficult to optimize your character so it is lots of fun and very re-playable. Even if Otome games might not be the genre you typically play, this is one of those games that is transcendent. The demo is available in Mac and pc. Even old guys like me like it!! (Otome might not be the best description, I think of it more as an RPG where the main character is female)”

“I have to put this out there, I just stumbled upon your game yesterday and my sister and I are IN LOVE. The amount of character customization is absolutely astonishing – it’s everything I’ve always wanted in an otome game. Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put into this, it’s so, so brilliant, and I much anticipate the full release.”

“Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your sense of humor! 7kpp has made me laugh more often than I had expected :)”

“I have played the demo through approximately 10 times now and I can’t WAIT for the full game. This is quite possibly the best otome game I have ever played, and I have played a great many. THANK YOU for creating such an interesting, compelling game with which I can waste many an hour on.”

“I’m currently playing the full demo, and I’m already so in love with it! It’s so easy to get hooked with the world’s history and politics, and the characters are so interesting and diverse, with beautiful designs! It’s also so nice that we’re able to have characters as friends or enemies, not just as romantic prospects…”

“Wow, so I just started playing, but I’m already blown away. It has the delicious taste of something you can really sink your teeth into.”

“I played the demo a while ago and I was immensely impressed. I offer my sincerest compliments 🙂 I thought it was beautifully unique, exceptionally intelligent and refreshingly unpredictable;my favourite combination!”

“My conclusion is that this is not a story to be taken lightly; it needs to be approached carefully and thoughtfully, and will not be satisfactorily completed in one sitting. I am totally captivated by it; everything about it, and I plan on spending many hours fully exploring the many, many choices.”

“I am in love with your game. It’s the most amazing visual novel I have ever played, to tell the truth. I’m looking forward a lot to see the different outcomes based on your choices.”

“I cried my eyeliner off..”

“when people say an otome protagonist is a “blank slate”, this is what should be done. It’s so fun seeing the stats change according to your choices, it really feels like /you/ are in the game. Anyway, sorry this is getting too long, but this is the first time in a while that I’ve been so excited for an otome game, so I just want to say that keep up with the good work! I’m so excited to play the full game!!”

“Well, this past two days I was captured by SK ( just like a certain character, I even forget to feed myself…) and i’m truly impressed how deep and exquisitely twisted a plot can be.”

” I’ve been enjoying this game so much, I still can’t quite get over the fact it’s only a demo yet and we’re not even halfway in the set timeline! “

“Overall, this is a good visual novel. A very good one. Maybe even a godsend for the visual novel genre…”  

“This combines everything I love: interactive fiction, visual novels, politics, intrigue, pretty pretty boys and girls. I told my boyfriend he might have some competition for my affections from fictional characters (Hamin & Zarad mostly) and he went off to sulk epically in a corner :3”

“YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Period princess detective political intrigue game, yeeeeeeesssssss! -sobs of sheer joy- I love you, I love you, I love you, I love YOUR GAME! Squeeeeeee! My dreams are reeeeeaaaaal!”

“I have so much love for this game. The demo has more replayability than most full commercial games, and we’re not even halfway through the ride. And it’s an impressive ride. Assassination plots, political turmoil, dastardly motives and the quest for sassy romances keep me coming back for more.”