In Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem, three things are the most important in deciding how your story goes: Your skills and abilities (which you raise through a combination of your choices and skill building in your free time), the many, many choices you make throughout the game, and your relationships with the other characters.


You can track information on your various stats and relationships, and access your journal on Your Page, accessible anytime throughout the game.


The beginning of the game consists of choices that define your back-story, which gives you your starting skills and unlocks different backgrounds to choose. You not only get to define your skills, background and story, but you also define who you are as the Main Character. What you look like, how you prefer to dress and where you are from.


You often are given the choice to pick what you, as the main character, says in conversation with other characters. Choose carefully, what you say can have a big impact on your story and relationships with others.


Define your personality by making choices about your motivations and preferences throughout the game. Personality sometimes affects how others respond to you, what they think of you, how your character respondsĀ and more!


Your skills often affect what you can say or do and what choices you can make. You never know what you are missing out on, so try having characters with a lot of different skills.


Your relationships with other characters will impact what you can do during the week. Receive different letters, notes and invitations based on what people think of you.


Sometimes, you wont have any events or accepted invitations scheduled, then it is up to you to choose how to spend your free time. Work on improving yourself, or explore the Isle.


You never know what you are going to find when you explore. Secrets, hidden events, skill increases and more can be found in different places at different times.


Sometimes, you will be given the option to prove your mettle as a hostess, by planning and hosting a social event. Choose who to invite, but not everyone will like you, or every event the same and accept. Your skills and choices will impact you final event. Can you become the best hostess on the Isle?


Sometimes there will be Challenges that will test your skills (and sometimes relationships.) Failing a challenge can have bad consequences, including the end of the game, or even your characters death.

Build your relationships, make smart choices and make sure you are skilled enough to survive and you might reach the end of the summit, where you can impact the future of the Seven Kingdoms, affect diplomatic policy, change your own fate, get married, maybe even find love. The possible endings and variations are nearly endless, so keep playing and trying different things. You’ll end up surprised how different everything can be.

7K6Keep playing to unlock all the achievements, see all the different possibilities and change the world!